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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  July 15, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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>> he's a director too. he needs to get cracking on this. >> it has been a real pleasure. the closer, the final series is airing on monday night. everyone will be watching and i will be watching. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." >> we want him returned to boston safely. >> two american hostage held in egypt. now we know their names. the family of michelle lewis joins me live to tell me what they think happened. plus, disgraced, deceased, but still making millions. why joe paterno's family still benefits from a lucrative contract.
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later -- after i cook, i'll put my dishes in the tub. >> would you pay $2,000 a month for 300 square feet? that's what new york city is hoping. we'll explain. it is sunday, july 15. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us. we start this morning in egypt and the developments in the kidnapping of two americans. one is reverend michelle lewis, the reverend of the free pentecostal church of god in dorchester. his family says he was on a missionary trip when his tour bus was stopped in the sinai peninsula. his family as well as a member of his congregation spoke about the incident and their wishes for his safe return. >> we don't hear any more information than what we hear in the news and what you guys are hearing.
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we're in good spirits because we know the god that we serve is in control of the matter. the only concern that we have at the moment is that he is diabetic. the longer they hold him, i want to assume that it's not going to work in his favor. >> there's no words i can describe as of right now how we're feeling. it's that we want him returned to boston safely. >> the family also said that the woman taken with pastor louis is named lisa alphonse. muhammad fidel hami joins me from cairo. is there any movement in getting these folks released? >> i just got off the phone with the head of security. he told me that his phone is off the hook as he is trying to negotiate the release of the hostages with elderly -- with mediators between the authorities and the kidnappers. he is positive that the
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situation will be resolved shortly. and we are following the story very closely in order to see if there's any progress that we can bring to you. >> have they actually been in touch with the bedouin kidnappers do you know? >> yes, they've been in touch for the past two days since the incident happened on friday. and i got in contact with the kidnapper yesterday. he confirmed that the hostages are safe and unharmed. and he is actually considering them guests of his but vowed to kidnap other tourists if authorities do not release his uncle who he claims is free from drug charges. >> what can you tell me about the area where they are? have you confirmed that they're still in the area where they were abducted? >> yes, the authorities say they are still in sinai but where they were exactly abducted is unclear. however, in the past year and a half, there has been at least
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half a dozen kid naps in sinai, and none of the hostages were harmed. actually the last time bedouin kidnapped u.s. tourist, the authorities gave in to the bedouin demands and released the prisoners, and the hoage left unharmed. >> so for the family, how long should they expect something like this to go on? >> well, this is the first time that it takes about two days, but we are -- everybody and authority i've spoken to is confident that this will be resolved shortly. the bedouin usually reachome sort of deal with the authorities, and i think it might be resolved sooner than later. >> muhammad fadel fahmy, thank you very much for the update. be sure to stay with us on "early start weekend." in a few moments i'll speak with the family of reverend louis about their efforts to free him and what their mother who is also in egypt told them about
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what happened. staying in egypt now. a country secretary of state hillary clinton says is in a time of "htoric firsts" as it looks to form a government around its first democratically elected president, mohamed morsi. she is there this hour. aides to the secretary said clinton wanted to make the trip soon after morsi's swearing-in to show that the obama administration is eager to help rebuild a fragile economy. in remarks, clinton stressed the importance of the two nations working together on egypt's future. >> we believe america's shared strategic interests with egypt far outnumber our differences. and we know that egypt's future is up to the egyptian people, but we want to be a good partner. we want to support the democracy that has been achieved by the courage and sacrifice of the egyptian people. and to see a future of great potential be realized for the nearly 90 million people of
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egypt who are expecting that to occur. >> to the u.s. now. the family of the late penn state football coach, joe paterno, will still benefit from his contract. university officials made the announcement just a day after an internal review blasted paterno and other school officials for their handling of the child sex abuse scandal. paterno's amended contract was finalized in august last year. it totaled $5.5 million in payouts and benefits, including paying his wife $1,000 a month for the rest of her life. paterno's contract may they? place, but his like not on a famous mural has been changed. after he died, artists had placed a halo above his head on the gigantic painting. after the conviction of his top assistant, jerry sandusky, and the release of that internal report, that scathing report by former fbi director louis freeh, they removed the halo. florida will now have access
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to a department of homeland security data base on immigrants. it's part of florida's effort to clear illegal voters off their voter rolls. florida had sued the government for access to the data base. a while ago i spoke with florida governor rick scott about how big of a problem illegal voters had become. >> here's what we know so far -- we did -- because we couldn't get the homeland security data base, we used our own motor vehicle data base. we just looked at 2,600 names. we know over 100 people have registered to vote. they're non-u.s. citizens. we know over 50 have voted in our election. so we know people are registering to vote that are non-u.s. citizens, and we know they're voting. that's not right. it's a crime and impacts our races. sticking with florida, it's a key swing state in the upcoming election. check out this poll in florida. the mason/dixon poll has it a dead heat. a similar story across the country in swing states that
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explains the candidates' travel this week. paul steinhauser takes a look. >> reporter: good morning. a busy political week ahead on the campaign trail. no surprise, both president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney reach out to voters in some crucial political battlegrounds. after fundraising money in mississippi and louisiana, mitt romney heads tuesday to pennsylvania, heading wednesday to ohio. both considered important swing states in the race for the white house. >> we will restore america's greatness. america's greatest days are ahead. we're the shining city on the hill. ohio's going to make the difference. ohio, i need you to help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the presumptive republican nominee's stop in the buckeye state comes two days after president barack obama's visit there. the president campaigns in cincinnati monday. the visit will be mr. obama's eighth swing through ohio this year. >> i want to give tax breaks to companies that are investing right here. [ applause ] >> in ohio.
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in parma, ohio. in city, ohio. in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president fundraises in texas theext day, and thursday and friday he campaigns in florida. another very important battleground state. randi? >> thank you very much, paul. americans kidnapped in egypt. now the family of one of those victim s is speaking out here o "early start weekend." hear from them live. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination...
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and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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a safe return. that is the hope of my next guests who are awaiting news on the condition of pastor michel louis, kidnapped from egypt. young me are members of reverend louis' family including jane louis, youth paster at free pentecostal church of god where his father is the senior pastor. welcome to you. good morning. i'm so sorry that you as a family are dealing with this. gene, your father was on this annual mission trip including others and your mother. she was on the bus, from what i understand, when this kidnapping happened. what has she told you about that incident? >> this is true. what she told us is basically what we hear from the reports as the tour bus was in the area of the sinai peninsula and egypt.
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they were stopped by a couple of cars. and in the cars there were some gentlemen and some people that got on to the bus. and they detained both my father, reverend michel louis, and another member of another church that was also in -- part of the missionary group that was on their way to israel. >> did your mother understand what was happening at the time? was it obvious that this was a kidnapping? >> she says that, you know, everything happened at once. it was all of the sudden. and i just -- she even right now seems like a dream to her. a nightmare. >> what can you tell us about this other person that was abducted along with your father? >> all we can say is she was a
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member of another church that is very close -- that is in close fellowship with our church. their pastor is a very close friend of my father, pastor reverend michel louis. and that member does go to that church. >> i'm curious because there have been other kidnappings in this area. was your father aware of the risks? was he aware at all ofhat had been happening there? >> to tell you the truth, if we were aware -- because i read some of the comments that are being left in regards to the story. if we were aware, i want to believe we would use correct judgment not to enter that air. so we want to say that he was
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not aware of any issue of that amount in that area. >> right. the u.s. embassy has said that it is in close touch with local egyptian officials. have you heard anything at all from the u.s. government about th incident? and what would you like them to do at this point? >> sure. we've been in very good contact with mr. bill wrights who works in the office of senator scott brown. and he's -- he's been very efficient in giving us information from time to time, and we know just about as much as we know in the news in terms of they're doing a lot of negotiating, they're trying the best that they can. and we're waiting. >> how concerned are you about your father's health?
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>> we are concerned, but we're christians. and we believe in god,e're in good faith. we're resolved in our faith. we're -- we know that god is going to see him out of this situation. but at the same time, too, we're human. and we just want to see our father get home. we want to see the sister member get home also. and we also want to see the tour guide, too, because i -- i'm sure a lot of people are not speaking about him, too. we want to see everybody come home safely. he is diabetic. that's the only concern we might have. we have not spoken to him, i especially have not spoken to him since i dropped him off at the airport on tuesday. so we -- we would just like the release. and hopefully he's being treated
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very well where he is. >> as i mentioned, there have been several kidnappings of americans in egypt in recent months. but this is the first time that we've heard about a demand for a prisoner swap. that this isn't about money. does that worry you at all? does that concern you more? >> when i'm speaking to some of the officials that are speaking to me, we understand that it's a little bit different from the normal cases. and that's what puts a twist on everything. usually there's a window of 24 hours to 48 hours that this certain negotiations are resolved. and because they're not asking for money, this make it a little bit more complicated. and a lot of answers to our questions cannot be answered. but again, we are faithful people.
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we have a lot of people praying for our father. and the people with him. and we're praying also. and we're staying resolved in our faith. >> i'm sure this is a very difficult time for your family and for your congregation. jean louis, we hope your father gets home safely and gets home soon. thank you very much and to the family of reverend michel louis. >> we truly appreciate everyone that is praying for us and everybody that is wishing a safe return to not only my father but this member and the tour guide that is also with them. so we thank you guys very much. >> thank you. and thank you for coming on during this time. >> thank you. less than two weeks until the olympic games. and if you haven't heard of brittany viola, stick around. overcoming eating disorders and injuries. the 25-year-old's full story ahead. ♪
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good morning again. it is july which means one thing for film, comic book, and gaming fans around the world -- comic-con. more than 130,000 self-proclaimed geeks and nerds invaded san diego this week, creating their own alternative universe of heroes, villains, gods, and monsters. this isn't all fun and games. last year alone, attendees spent $75 million inside the convention center. here's a fun fact -- just 300 people showed up for the first comic-con in 1970. boy, have things changed. are you ready? the london olympic games kick off in less than 12 days and ten hours. one athlete looking to make a splash in london, brittany viola. the 25-year-old has fought injuries and an eating disorder on her journey to the big games. here's her story. brittany viola's olympic dream began 16 years ago. >> what really got my eyes focused on the olympics was in 1996 when the magnificent seven
3:21 am
won the gold medal as a team in gymnastics. and i was a gymnast at the time. and i wanted to be those girls. >> though viola excelled, gymnastics had stopped being fun. when it was time to decide whether to move away from florida to ohio for more advanced olympic training, brittany said no. >> thought about, you know, renting a place up there. splitting our family up, going back and forth, which a lot of gymnast families end up doing, to find better training. and she broke down and started crying after the american cup. and she said, i don't want to live away from my family. and we had to sit down and talked about it as a family. we said, this is crazy. you know, we -- we're not going to break our family up and put her through something for an olympic dream. >> as that dream died, another was born. >> i was playing on diving boards at my high school, lake island preparatory school. the swim coach saw me doing
3:22 am
front double flips, back double flips, all these old gymnastics moves that i used to do always to my feet. and he asked me if i wanted to join the dive team there. and i never knew it was a sport at the time. it was something that i was up for the challenge. >> most valuable diver. diver of the year. another most valuable diver. >> the violas are an athletic family. brittany's mom ran track in college. her dad is former world series mvp and cy young award winner frank viola. >> i think she's got my make-up internally. she's a perfectionist which i was. if she would do a school paper and make a mistake on the paper, instead of erasing and go on, she would start over again. the paper had to be pure. that's her mentality with diving. >> for brittany, diving was a good match. unlike gymnastics, she could stay in florida to train. still, making to london was no easy task as she had to overcome injury and an eating disorder. >> a lot of an eating disorder
3:23 am
is believing in something that is not true. that is a complete lie. and for anyone who thinks that i look at myself in the mirror and say i need to change something in my body, i'm not beautiful, they'd think i'm crazy. and so just knowing something as simple as i'm beautifully and wonderfully made is a truth that i need to keep reminding myself and believe that over anything else that end terse my mind. >> what's -- that enters my mind. >> what's top of mind now is winning gold. >> i think i'd be like this, oh, my god. that's my little girl. look what she's achieved. >> pretty amazing story, right? for more, check out my blog at and you can see that story and many others. going airborne in a lawn chair. all it took was a few hundred balloons. what could possibly go wrong? plenty. we'll tell you about. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye. it is just about half past the hour, getting close there. we turn to syria, a place where the diplomats keep talking but the body count keeps rising. the head of a prominent opposition group is demanding that the u.s. and otr countries take action now and not worry about how it could affect the re-election of president obama. their demands come after another day of death and destruction. at least 73 people were killed saturday. that comes after the massacre on thursday with more than 200 killed. the u.n. says more than it 10,000 have died since the
3:28 am
uprisings began last year. our reporter is in abu dhabi this morning. good morning. i know we've talked about the possibility that the government was moving chemical weapons around and that demands are growing for the replacement of u.n. envoy kofi annan. is there any end in sight to the killing? we're hearing today more people have been killed. >> good morning, randi. sadly, it really doesn't look like there's any end to the violence in sight any time soon. let's talk it the last few days. thursday there were report of the massacre and reports of more than 200 people killed. some reports say close to 300 people across the country killed. friday, reports that at least 80 people killed. yesterday, at least 73 people killed. today, reports from opposition activists that at least 14 people today have been killed. the bloodletting there seems unrelenting at this stage with report of shellg in various towns across the country. and this is happening all amidst the backdrop of all this
3:29 am
diplatic activity. even reports today that kofi annan will travel to moscow tomorrow to meet with the russian foreign minister to try to find an end to this crisis. as of yet, it doesn't look like there's any end in sight. >> what about the u.n. inspectors at the site of the massacre in tremsa? observers were able to get in yesterday. have they reported anything from the site? >> well, that's right. the u.n. special mission in syria sent 11 vehicles to tremsen yesterday. they were able to speak to residents. reports are preliminary for that at this stage. earlier, we heard from the spokesperson for that mission. here's what she had to say. >> we can confirm that there was an operation on july 12, on thursday. attack appeared targeted to specific homes of activists as well as army defectors. our team observed homes which had pools of blood and blood
3:30 am
spatters in rooms as well as empty bullet cases. there was a wide range of weapons used including heavy weapons and artillery mortar and small arms. >> she went on to say that it's unknown yet how many people were killed in that town. but that they plan to send those observers back into the area tomorrow to investigate further. >> what about the reaction from the syrian government? i mean, what are they saying about what happened there in tremsem and this massacre thursday? >> they're saying that the reports have been exaggerated. there was a press conference from the spokesperson for the syrian foreign ministry a short while ago in which he said that the letter that was sent from kofi annan to the syrian regime was full of exaggeration, that it was not based on facts. actually he said that what happened in tremseh was a military operation and not a
3:31 am
massacre. he further said, our duty is to protect the u.n. observer. but whenever they head to a hot spot, we tell them they're on their own. our duty is to provide them security, but they went to the area without military security. the foreign ministry spokesperson all said that reports that there were helicopters firing on that town, they were untrue. he said that it was only one civilian that was killed in that town on thursday, and there were 37 militants killed there. >> thank you for your reporting from abbey du dhabi. in new york, people will have come up with a new idea -- small, micro apartments. if you like living in a dorm room, now you can do that same thing after college. we'll take you on a tour of a really, really tiny place to live.
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so imagine living in an r.v. eight floors up. that is the new plan to save space in new york. not really an r.v., but an r.v.-sized apartment, just 300 square feet. how is the fit? our richard roth squeezes in. >> reporter: since new york city wants to build new, tiny apartments -- >> hi. >> reporter: how big is the apartment? i came calling in greenwich village to see how residents in existing shoebox-sized apartments survive. >> you're having to duck under, but i'm -- i'm lucky that i'm short. >> reporter: genevieve has been living here for seven years. >> 105 square feet. >> reporter: much smaller than the microsized apartments the city would like to build. >> living room. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg walked a floor plan of the potential 300 square-foot apartments. he says micro-apartments are critical to attracting young people, those priced out of the market. >> if you don't have the housing
3:36 am
that they need, they can't do that. >> reporter: i cannot stretch my arms fully. new yorkers like ariana gansz are renowned for overcoming cramped challenges. >> this is annoying. that get to be annoying. again, i've adjusted. >> manhattan can be pricey, even with 50,000 yen. >> reporter: kramer adjusted in "seinfeld" which japanese visitors needed a place to live. >> good night. >> reporter: future renters of micro-apartments might want to check out companies that transform furniture. >> i think that people have to be smarter and have to get smarter furniture. >> so after i cook, i'll put my dishes in the tub. sort of close the shower -- >> reporter: whoa. after you cook you put your dishes in the tub. >> yes. >> reporter: that's where you clean them? >> yes. >> reporter: the rent for new york's planned micro-apartments will be around $2,000. not bad for new york. one new real estate report suggests the average manhattan rent is nearly double that. and small apartments appeal to a growing singles population
3:37 am
sensitive to high rents. >> there are times when it's challenging. but there are times when it is really easy. >> reporter: do you mind if i sit on your bed? because i can't stand. >> yep. >> reporter: richard roth, cnn, new york. checking stories across the country. in oregon, two men strap themselves to lawn chairs and attach 350 balloons to try to float from oregon to montana. you cannot make this up. kent couch and fareed lofta had to cut their trip short after a storm knocked out 35 of their balloons. started hailing and snowing. it was a rough landing, but their spokesman -- yes, they have a spokesman -- told cnn they were disappointed and rattled but okay. in florida a man says he watched his flooded field drain like a toilet bowl when a sinkhole opened up. >> incredible the way they open up. like josh said, it's just -- it shoots up in the air and boom. the next thing you know, you see this foam swirl. it's just going down and down
3:38 am
and down. >> wow. >> it was amazing how fast the water left. >> the city of live oak has dealt with dozens of sinkholes left from flooding from tropical storm debbie last month. a geologist said the land was on top of an underground spring. the hole is expected to get even bigger as the land dries. and in california, dozens of party animals floatedown the american river for rafting gone wild. what a scene. just look at the booze, the bikinis, and the sunshine. and people went to great lengths to make sure the party was rocking. >> wrapped the saran wrap around the stereo. >> reporter: do you think it will keep it from getting wet? >> ten rolls of saran wrap and tape, yeah. >> the event was held because alcohol is banned on holiday weekends. may have been too rowdy, though. police arrested nine people. and two people actually had to go to the hospital. i don't know. that does not look like fun. also in california, restaurants are shirking the state's new ban on foie gras two
3:39 am
weeks after it went into effect. one restaurant is flat-out ignoring the ban on fatty goose liver claiming it doesn't apply because the building is on federal land. animal rights activists are furious. here's our report from kdvu in san francisco. what law am i breaking? i have to be breaking a law to be arrested. >> reporter: u.s. park police arrested this protester for disorderly conduct when he wouldn't budge from the restaurant entrance. [ chanting ] >> reporter: activists flocked here because even though california enacted a ban july 1 on products made from force-fed birds, namely foie gras, it is back. this $20 entree on the menu in the presidio, a national park. >> immature, childish behavior. they're trying to evade enforcement, but it's not going to work. they're not a sovereign nation. >> i didn't realize that there would be picketers. >> reporter: this foursome left
3:40 am
nothing but crumbs on their plates. >> food is food. >> reporter: even snapping a quick shot of their forbidden sliders before polishing them off. >> a guilty pleasure. something that you have to try at least once. it's bastille day. >> we almost didn't come. >> reporter: one couple invited here for a birthday brought a letter of disapproval to the restaurant owner. >> if he wants to overturn the law, he should work for that. but he's kind of setting himself above the law. >> i think it's unfair to their competitors also. it's clearly a violation of the spirit of the law. >> reporter: restaurant management declined an interview. the owner has said bucking the ban is a business decision. legally, an opinion would have to come from the state attorney general or u.s. attorney. so far, neither is biting on the issue. >> it's a law, and a law should be enforced. >> once again, that was our affiliate ktvu in california. nelson mandela turns 94 years old later this week.
3:41 am
people are celebrating with 67 minutes of community service. a very special birthday. a man you're about to meet grew one big dreams for his hometown in south africa. when the dreams didn't come true, he took matters into his own hands to empower cliptown's future generation through education. meet this week's cnn hero. >> it's not changed. there is no electricity. people are living in sheds. growing up in kliptown makes you feel that you don't have control over your life. many children drop out of school because they don't have school uniforms and textbooks. i've realized that the only way that could change is through education. i'm helping educate the children so that we can change kliptown together. >> yes? >> c-a --
3:42 am
>> we help the children by paying for their school books, school uniform. our main focus is our tutoring program that we run four days a week. as young people are born and raised here, we know the challenges of this community. we also do a number of activity. -- activities. we have to come together for fun as we come together for academics. this program gave me a chance to go to university. they paid for my fees. that's why i also come back and help out here. number three -- a little can go a long way. >> what subject do you need to study? math and science. and english. >> yeah. >> exactly. i did not go to university, but being able to help them, i feel excited. >> i am going to be an accountant. >> i'm going to be a lawyer. >> i'm going to be -- >> the work we're doing here is
3:43 am
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welcome back. about 46 minutes past the hour. glad you're with us. a controversial sheriff under fire. a saudi first for women in this summer's olympic games. and a birthday bash fit for an
3:47 am
icon. nadia here to discuss t most intriguing people. >> we first go to arizona, maricopa county. sheriff joe arpaio is actually facing a racial profiling trial. >> this week. >> two thing for him -- racial profile trial going on. he's also running for re-election as mayor. >> right. >> and with all of the media attention he's getting, a huge amount of funding for his mayoral race from out of state. >> he's been accused of racial profiling by the justice department. he says, you know, i don't have to listen to the federal government. he's always said i'm going to do it my way, my town, my county. >> and interestingly he comes from italian immigrant parents. >> right. >> his mother actually died in childbirth. he was raised by his father. interesting story about joe who calls himself the toughest sheriff in america. >> always has. and i've met him. he's pretty tough. >> interesting to see what happens. >> yeah. who else is on your list? >> then there's sarah atter.
3:48 am
she's fascinating because for the first time in history, saudi arabia is having women in their olympic team. and they're -- there are going to be two. one is sarah, a 19-year-old junior at pepperdine university. and she qualifies because h father is saudi arabian. and what's interesting is they've taken all the photographs of the pepperdine sight of her in tank tops and shorts. for the olympic games, she's going to be wearing longer pants and longer t-shirts. >> more covered. >> exactly. and a head covering, much more modest in keeping with saudi arabian law. sarah atter running the 80 meter. it will be interesting, making history. interestingly, sports is still banned for girls in saudi arabia to do at school. >> wow. really, really big breakthrough for her. >> it is. >> and nelson mandela also makes the list this week. >> nelson mandela makes the list, turning 94 on wednesday. there were a couple of scares this year about his health.
3:49 am
gratefully and thankfully, although frail and according to his family who i spoke to this morning, he does sleep a lot. he is going to enjoy his 94th birthday at his birthplace in the area -- >> what's the plan? how do the mandelas celebrate? >> they are going to celebrate with him and his family. he wants a small, intimate gathering with the family. and his wife and all the grandchildren whose names all begin with a z, zanani,et cetera. that's the idea. and just, you know, you look at this man -- 27 years in prison. and he's given 67 years of his entire 9 years to the struggle. so the day is called mandela day. and the idea is the united nations have made it a national day to give 67 minutes of service, of community service around the world on wednesday in his honor. >> that's really special. >> we say to madeva, his fond name, who introduced the concept
3:50 am
of something that means togetherness in south africa, the man who is and created this peaceful transition to democracy. what an extraordinary moment, an extraordinary man. we say happy birthday, nelson mandela. >> all right. i'm glad you said that, not me. you got it. nadia, thank you. nice to see you. all right. this is a tough one -- what do federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and batman have in common? yes, it's something. we'll tell you next.
3:51 am
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welcome back. let's look at some of the big stories coming up in the week ahead.
3:54 am
we start with monday, tomorrow. secretary clinton leaves egypt, and she heads to israel. she'll be busy with two days of talks covering everything from iran to election politics back in the states. and ben bernanke, he is probably preparing for his big day on tuesday. some expect the senate to grill the federal reserve chairman about libor and the u.k. banking scandal that impacted roughly $10 trillion in loans around the world. your credit card rate, home mortgage, just about everything. wednesday, looking ahead, the battle over evidence in the drew peterson case continues in a court hearing. the former police sergeant is charged with murdering his third wife eight years ago. and another pig tribig trias on thursday. known as america's toughest sheriff, we were talking about it with nadia, joe arpaio is battling accusations that his office profiled and
3:55 am
discriminated against latinos. friday, i'm looking forward to this -- "the dark knight" rises on friday. the much anticipated film is the final installment of director christopher nolan's "batman" trilogy starring christian bale. tonight on n "sanjay gupta m.d.," getting to the bottom of a mystery disease that killed 64 of 66 children who were diagnosed. sanjay got exclusive access to the hospital and lab where the crucial clues were found. and then on "the human factor," a former child soldier who put down his gun to train as a paramedic. that and more on "sanjay gupta m.d." at 7:30 eastern. love to w. love to w. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play.
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welcome back. people in utah are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after their homes survived a nearby wildfire. they're not counting their blessings just yet. now they actually have to worry about mudslide. that's because the fire burned most of the vegetation that keeps the ground in place, and the area has a history of landslides. the city is setting up berms to protect the homes. experts say a mudslide may not happen for another year or so. three more people now headed to the international space station. >> liftoff, liftoff of the soyuz tma -- >> that is the launch in kazakhstan. the russian rocket is carrying american astronaut sunny williams to the space station. she holds the record for the longest time in space for a female astronaut. a japanese astronaut and russian cosmonaut also on board. they're expected to reach the space station on tuesday.


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